Stopsolenoid.com Orders

Frequently Asked Questions About Stopsolenoid.com Orders

What do I do if I receive a processing error for my payment?

Failed Authorizations and Payment Declines

You may need to contact your financial institution for assistance on declined payments. You are always welcome to submit an alternate payment method for your order if you are unable to resolve the payment issue with your financial institution in a timely manner.

Common reasons for failed payment authorizations:

  • The billing address you are providing does not match what your financial institution has on file.
  • The security code CID/CVV is incorrect for the credit card number you have provided.
  • All lines to your financial institution could be temporarily busy.
  • Daily withdrawal or purchase limits.
  • Insufficient funds.

Note: Some financial institutions have been known to hold these authorizations for 7-10 business days.


Why does my order say “Error? There was a problem processing your payment. Please try again”?

At the time an order is placed, our system first verifies the funds are available, then validates the credit card information you submitted. If the entered information fails to coincide with what is on file for the credit card, our security system will deny the order and credit the amount back. The verified funds will be “Pre-Auth” on your account. Your credit card company/bank will usually release the funds back to your account within the same day. The pending dollar will drop off your account usually in a couple days. Regrettably, we have no access to the reason why the credit card information doesn't coincide.

Please make sure the following information is entered correctly on the checkout page when placing the order:

  •  Credit or Debit Card number.
  • The card expiration date.
  • The CID number.
  • The exact Name and Billing Address as it is printed on your Credit Card statement.

Errors in any of this information will cause the order to be rejected.

Please contact your credit card institution for information.


Why do you need my phone number during checkout?

Stopsolenoid uses your phone number as a reference for all warranties. Your phone number used during checkout will not be released to any third parties. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy page.


Can I pay by check? Can I order items COD?

The Stopsolenoid.com Online Store only accepts major credit cards and PayPal as payment.