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Date:2016-12-23 11:28
Engine Mounting Kits from Holdwell
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Solenoid Shutdown Systems from Holdwell
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Solenoid Accessories from Holdwell
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Single Coil Solenoid from Holdwell
Date:2016-12-21 10:43
Cable Solenoid from Holdwell
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Dual Coil Solenoids from Holdwell
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Solenoid Selection Guide from Holdwell
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Solenoid Basics from Holdwell
Date:2013-07-15 16:36
Woodward 1751-12E2U1B1 Shut Off Solenoid for Cummins, Shut Off Solenoid for Dodge Cummins.
Date:2013-07-15 08:40
Our website update new brand JCB and upload the product
Date:2013-07-12 09:47
To allow a solenoid to be held energized for long periods of time without overheating, Holdwell uses two separate coil windings instead of one. The first wound coil operates at a high current level to provide maximum pull or push. The second wound coil simply holds the plunger in place after it has completed its stroke and "bottomed out". Since the current required to hold the plunger in place is low, dual-coil solenoids can be energized continuously without overheating. This unique design concept results in a highly efficient compact solenoid approximately one half the size of a comparable single coil unit.
Date:2013-07-12 08:56
We supply the following Mitsubishi Stop magnet for 30A8700060 K3B-31DS K3E-31NSA K3E-61ES K4D-61KL K4E-61ES K4E-61WH K4E-D31NSA K4F-E1 K4F-E1T K4N-D31NSA K4N-D61ES K4N-EID K4N-ELD S3L-2-61NS S3L2Y1 M30L870061 30L8700060 L3A L3C L3E L3E-31NS L3E-61ES L3E-62ES L3E-W231 S3L2-Y131NSB 31A8701050 L3E L3E-W231KBS 30A8720402 L3E2-63ESA L3E-31NSA L3E-61KL L3E-63ESA L3E-W262KL S3L2-61ES S3L2-61WH S3L2-64ES S3L2-W264KL S4L-2 S4L2-61ES S4L2-61KL S4L2-61WH S4L-Y262KL S4L2-Y263KL S4L-61KL 32A6109010 S3Q2 S3Q2-T S4Q2 S4Q2-T 32A8706100 S4Q2-61KL S4Q2-Y262KL S4Q2-Y263KL 04400-08500 S16R S12R-PTK S12R-PTA
Date:2013-07-04 16:02
Our website update Yanmar stop solenoid. We supply all kinds of Yanmar Stop solenoid, 4TNV94L, 4TNV98L, 4TNV106, 3TNE84, 4TNV88 Yanmr Engine stop solenoid for John Deere, Takeuchi, Komatsu, Hyundai Eacavator, Tractor fuel shutoff solenoid. Welcome to contact with us.
Date:2013-07-04 16:37
Our website update Kubota stop solenoid. We supply all kinds of Kubota fuel solenoid, shut off solenoid fit for D1503, D1803, V2003, V2203, V2403, D1005, D1105, D1305, D1505 Z482, Z602, D722, D782, D902 Engine stop solenoid for Diggers, Welders, Tractor, mower Excavator and so on. Welcome to contact with us.
Date:2013-06-09 17:09
From operating engine run/stop levers, throttles, chokes, valves and clutches to protecting expensive diesel engines from overspeed, low lube pressure and high temperature, you can rely on Holdwell solenoids to meet the ever-changing technical demands of modern industry.Holdwell supply all kinds of solenoid for of modern industry.
Date:2013-04-28 15:37
Our website update complete for 12 language We located in the International Automobile & Motorcycle Fixture Industrial Zone of Ruian.welcome to contact with us.
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